CJ ENM creates more valuable world with captivating ‘content and brand’ experiences.
CEO's Message

CJ ENM will establish and continuously develop ethical management systems that meet global standards.

CJ ENM has created a content ecosystem in Korea that encompasses a wide range of sectors such as broadcasting, film, music, live events, animation, conventions, MCN, and OTT media and has continuously pioneered the global standard for K-content with the aim to offer diverse experiences to our global audience.

Owing to the earnest wishes and unwavering efforts of CJ ENM and our stakeholders, K-content today has become a unique cultural phenomenon in many countries, influencing the lives of those who experience it. All CJ ENM employees have a deep sense of responsibility in ensuring that the content we create not only delivers entertainment but also plays a major role in shaping society.

In this regard, CJ ENM will create and provide unique content based on fairness and honesty in line with the ever-growing global standing of K-content, and endeavor to gain the trust and support of all our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, and local communities.

As part of our efforts, CJ ENM is operating an online hotline to enhance transparency and is implementing ethical management policies based on <CJ’s Promise>, such as the Code of Ethical Business Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct, and Compliance Control Standards. In addition, each of our global employees strives to internalize these values to create a sound corporate culture.

As a leading global entertainment company, CJ ENM is committed to tirelessly establishing and developing ethical management systems that meet global standards, with the aim to achieve the globalization of K-culture beyond K-content and to move towards a sustainable future.

​CEO Koo Chang Gun
Code of Business Conduct
The Code of Business Conduct is CJ's promise to our stakeholders in order to implement CJ's management philosophy in detail. Entertainment Division of CJ ENM is doing our best to set the right direction for business conduct in relation to our customers, shareholders, colleagues, partners (competitors and partners), countries or communities that are forming relationship with CJ.

Our Promise

  • Our promise to our customers

    • We provide ONLYONE products and services to our customers.
    • We promote and sell our products and services to customers ethically and honestly.
    • We take our customers’ feedback seriously, and customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.
    • We protect our customers’ personal information in a secure and responsible manner.
  • Our promise to shareholders and investors

    • We keep all our records accurately and manage them rigorously.
    • We comply with the public disclosure rules and strictly control insider information.
    • We protect the Company’s assets with care and use them properly.
    • We comply with the Company's privacy policy and protect its confidential information.
  • Our promise to fellow CJ employees

    • We foster an environment where we can work with pride and have fun.
    • We foster a healthy and safe working environment.
    • We perform our work in an honest and lawful manner and with our best efforts.
    • We try to find the right balance between protection of individual privacy and respect for our co-workers.
  • Our promise to fellow players in the market

    • We establish a sound transaction order by competing fairly.
    • We create an industrial ecosystem of shared growth by dealing fairly with our business partners.
  • Our promise to the global community

    • We create shared value and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.
    • We realize social values by respecting human rights and protecting the environment.
    • We comply with the anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws from all over the world.
    • We respect the international trade order and abide by the laws and regulations of each country.
Ethical Management Policy
A subset of the CJ Code of Business Conduct, the ethical management policies including ENTERTAINMENT Division Ethical Business Code of Conduct present specific guidelines to employees regarding the company's operational direction.

ENTERTAINMENT Division Code of Ethical Business Conduct

CJ ENM seeks to strengthen fairness and transparency in broadcasting, while establishing and disseminating practical action agenda in line with the operational characteristics of the ENTERTAINMENT Division to encourage voluntary participation among its members, thereby aiming to achieve sustainable business administration.

  • CJ Global Anti-Corruption Policy

    CJ ENM aims to comply with the anti-corruption guide for global customers and markets.

  • CJ Global Fair Competition Policy

    CJ ENM is committed to comply with applicable anti-trust and competition laws of all countries in which we do business.

  • CJ Global Privacy Policy

    CJ ENM implements security measures to protect personal information by recognizing the importance of the personal information management.

  • CJ Global Economic Sanctions Policy

    This policy provides detailed guidelines to uphold our commitment to comply with international trade regulations under CJ Code of Business Conduct and ensure compliance with the global economic sanctions programs.

Organization System
By having a firm establishment of a compliance organizational system, we direct our intention to become a truly global converged content commerce company accompanied by qualitative growth where compliance management DNA is internalized.