As one of the leading global entertainment companies, CJ ENM strives to empathize across boundaries with originality that speaks across generations. The power to move forward amidst uncertainties in this ever-changing world is within our people.
Core Values
Empathy fosters synergies across industries and boundaries. Originality creates significant differences through slight change in perspectives. Commitment builds a strong sense of responsibilities with awareness of business impact. These values allow CJ ENM to connect the world through powerful stories.

The power to transcend boundaries

The Power of Empathy
The ability to think across genres and build empathy across boundaries opens up new possibilities. Empathy empowers us to interact with the world more profoundly, expanding the most modest and overlooked perspectives into endless possibilities.

The power to transcend limits

The Power of Originality
Our innovation comes from endless discoveries and unbiased perceptions. Keen insight to see the familiar in new perspectives and insatiable curiosity empower us to find our own originality.

The power to exceed expectations

The Power of Commitment
We understand the significance of our roles and responsibilities. Our commitment as the industry leader in Korean entertainment empowers us to continue to make positive impact on the global community.
How We Work
The power to entertain the world with our empathy, originality, and commitment. The 12 characteristics of the core values that power CJ ENM are interconnected in the way we work.
When we listen to people's ideas, we don't take into account their age, gender, or background. We focus on the "content" of the ideas. Rather than being Defensive or closed-off, we listen with an open mind.
The content industry is growing at an exponential rate, with little regard for time, space, or platform. Decisions taken by one organization have an impact on other organizations, and issues in one region might become massive issues in an other. In the process of creating results, we must think about various perspectives and values from multiple angles.
Although we may face difficulties as a result of rapid changes and unforeseen issues, the most essential thing is to find a solution with alacrity. We must have the flexible thinking to adjust our course and the resilience to bounce back.
Sensitivity is a necessary characteristic for those who generate cultural trends. Our senses must be alert in order to detect trends and issues, and also comprehend the market's potential demands.
Major potentials always begin with a modest curiosity. Even if it is not part of our work description, we must develop the habit of taking an interest and a fostering sense of curiosity that extends beyond diverse disciplines around the business and market.
We cultivate the ability to connect and integrate disparate pieces of information and variables in order to discover something new. We see things from wide range of perspectives deviating from one set of viewpoint and generate our own thoughts instead of being confined to conventional thinking.
This does not simply mean that we are different from others. It means that we will continue to hone our skills and ability to provide remarkable, standout results from start to finish in what we do.
We have our own aura that cannot be easily replicated. This aura is formed by a combination of "attitude" that creates a positive impression and "competence" that produces the results desired by the market.
We are fully conscious of our responsibilities and consider "Why, What, and How". We actively seek the information or knowledge we require to attain our objectives and deliver results with a sense of responsibility.
The efficiency of one's work is proportionate to one's autonomy. We become immersed in our work after finding intrinsic drive for it. Nonetheless, we work together willingly and with a sense of duty to attain a common goal.
We take on new challenges with enthusiasm and the conviction that our efforts will set the standard for the industry. Whatever the outcome, we see it as an opportunity for progress to move forward.
Our employees' growth is key to the company's growth. Instead of being content with the status quo, we ceaselessly participate in opportunities for improvement. Sharing honest feedback with our coworkers is often a great opportunity to make a progress.