CJ ENM Announces “2023 Visionary”, Honoring Ten Figures Who Innovated the Entertainment Industry

1월. 03. 2023

Leading entertainment company CJ ENM announced the “2023 Visionary,” awarded to those recognized as visionaries in the entertainment industry, leading trends and spearheading innovations.


Since 2020, CJ ENM has been honoring the figures who propose a new vision in the entertainment industry with their originality as “visionaries”. Starting with “2023 Visionary,” the ceremony will be held at the beginning of the year to better build up its purpose of shedding light on the future of the entertainment industry and inspiring individuals.


The honorees of “2023 Visionary” were selected based on data analysis, panel of specialists, and global indicators. The five selection criteria are △Only One achievement that established a substantial presence with unprecedented achievements in the Korean entertainment industry, △unlimited influence and impact that stretches across various industries even outside of entertainment, △shape-shifters creating new values that breaks down stereotypes, △unique creativity coining new genres and characters, △global influence that goes beyond regional boundaries


The evaluation process involved 60 specialists from CJ ENM with professional insight in content production and business as well as data-based analysis for objectivity. CJ ENM also partnered with Endeavor Analytics, Endeavor’s research and insights division, to identify and assess the candidates. Endeavor Analytics developed and implemented a proprietary methodology, utilizing a wide array of global data resources, such as celebrity tracking services and social media measurements. Endeavor Analytics’ association with Endeavor’s talent representation business, WME, further strengthens the evaluation’s credibility.


The ten honorees of “2023 Visionary” are as follows (in alphabetical order):

(G)I-DLE, Chung Seo Kyung, Don Lee, IU, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jin Ju, Lee Jung Jae, Nah Yung Suk, Park Chan Wook, and Park Eun Bin.


Actress Kim Hye Soo and director Park Chan Wook are figures who inspire the entertainment industry with their exceptional abilities. Over the past year, Kim Hye Soo overturned conventions with her distinct character portrayals in the Netflix series <Juvenile Justice>, the tvN series <Under the Queen’s Umbrella>, and more. World-renowned film director Park Chan Wook swept the award ceremonies with his Cannes award-winning film <Decision To Leave>, continuing his legacy of incomparable artistry and mise-en-scene.


IU, Lee Jung Jae, and writer Chung Seo Kyung have attained remarkable feats that crossed the borders of different fields. A global figure, Lee Jung Jae was acclaimed this year for his directorial debut with the film <Hunt>. Carrying a successful career as a singer, IU was also praised by international media for her acting performance in <Broker>. Top screenwriter Chung Seo Kyung brought the tvN series <Little Women> to success with her meticulous development of characters and spirit of the age.


Producer Nah Yung Suk, Don Lee, and Park Eun Bin have coined new genres and characters with their originality. Producer Nah Yung Suk consistently sets new grounds for variety shows such as the female cast game show <Earth Arcade> and the upcoming spin-off of <Youn’s Kitchen>, scheduled to premiere in 2023. Actor Don Lee turns his characters into genres of their own – following the success of his film <The Roundup>, he is currently in preparation for global projects including the revival of <The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil>, with Sylvester Stallone as co-producer. Actress Park Eun Bin has drawn global attention by embodying her stereotype-defying character in the TV series <Extraordinary Attorney Woo>, through which she reaffirmed the true value of acting.


(G)I-DLE and producer Lee Jin Ju brought new possibilities, ascending as up-and-comers that the industry should keep their eyes on. Girl group (G)I-DLE presented a new outlook for K-pop artists as they expressed their unique concept and creativity by taking part in the songwriting process. Producer Lee Jin Ju created the mega-hit TVING original series <EXchange> that stood out for its distinctive production amidst the flood of dating reality shows, turning the viewers into wholeheartedly immersed fans.


A CJ ENM representative remarked, “As the value and impact of Korean entertainment continue to grow across the globe, tracing the footsteps of the ‘visionaries’ sheds light on the endless possibilities and vision of what comes next.” He added, “Just as ‘Visionaries’ find their originality through adventures and innovations, CJ ENM will continue to pave new ways and produce widely loved IP.”


Meanwhile, CJ ENM will host the ‘Visionary Awards’ ceremony in January to present the awards and spotlight the future of the entertainment industry.




Past Visionary Honorees

*In alphabetical order



aespa (music group)

BTS (music group)

Choi Jung-nam (producer)

Hwang Dong-hyuk (director)

Youn Yuh-jung (actress)

Yu Jae-seok (TV personality)



BLACKPINK (music group)

Bong Joon-ho (director)

BTS (music group)

Kim Eun-hee (writer)

Kim Tae-ho (producer)

Park Ji-eun (writer)

Rain (musician and actor)

Shin Won-ho (producer)

Song Kang-ho (actor)

Yu Jae-seok (TV personality)