100% Recyclable odense ‘Reusable Cup’


CJ ENM has launched odense ‘Reusable Cup’ made of sugar cane Bio PE with 50%~85% biomass as its raw material to lead and reinforce the eco-friendly consumption culture. The production of Reusable Cup starts from separating sugar from sugarcane and fermenting the remaining waste molasses by adding microorganisms. This process reduces carbon emissions by more than 50% in all production steps, delaying global warming and contributing to Carbon Neutral goals. Through crystallization of sugar water and several steps of squeezing, fermenting, and neutralizing molasses, the reusable cup has the same heat resistance and durability as regular plastic cups, and can be reused almost permanently. We also use Earth Pack made of sugarcane for its packaging, protecting the earth from the beginning to the end of the process with no need to cut any trees.


Also CJ ENMs cup lid is compatible with cups of all sizes, including the odense Reusable Cup. Not only did it obtain the eco-label certification of the Ministry of Environment, but it also received the BPA Free certification, which means zero emission of endocrine disruptors. The cup lid is designed for hygienic uses with a 7.5-degree slope and a drainage on the rim so that the drink naturally flows to the inlet if it overflows. The sleeve of odense Reusable Cup enhances the portability of the cup as it helps the user hold hot or cold drinks more safely and easily. The sleeve is also made with an elastic band, so it can be used for cups and tumblers of all sizes, just like the cup lid.


odense Reusable Cup is steadily sold online and offline, especially on online channel, gaining immense popularity among young people in their 20s and 30s who are interested in eco-friendly products. CJ ENM is taking steps to promote value consumption in accordance with the growing interest in eco-friendly products.