Acquisition of the ISO14001 for the first time in the content industry

CJ ENM has put all our endeavors to strengthen our environmental management. As well as systematically identifying and managing environmental impact related to business activities, we also promotes eco-friendly management that meets global standards by continuously improving environmental performance through minimization of environmental impact and eco-friendly activities and strict compliance with environmental regulations.


CJ ENM is in the process of constructing a full-fledged environmental management system as setting up the GHG inventory in 2021. In 2022, CJ ENM has acquired the ‘ISO14001’, which is an international standard certification that examines and comprehensively evaluates sustainable environmental management systems such as systematic environmental management policies, plans, and eco-friendly activities. To acquire this standard certification, CJ ENM had been examined our environmental impact, improvement efforts, and legal compliance in each business area of the company, and there will be follow-up reviews conducted annually.


CJ ENM acquired ISO14001 for the first time in the content industry in recognition of our systematic environmental management, including active ESG committee operation, establishment of eco-friendly broadcasting infrastructure, and internalization of eco-friendly culture with encouraging employees of voluntary eco-friendly activities.


CJ ENM will continue to be a leading company that has exemplary environmental management that leads the industry through various considerations to protect our planet.